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Hire talent referred by other recruiters
1. Get candidates hand-picked for your position
Fill the form in less than 20’ and receive candidates selected by our recruiters. All of them are referred and open to new opportunities.
2. Get introduced by requesting interviews
Send customized interview requests to the ones you like the most and we’ll introduce you. 90% will answer, 50% will accept!
3. Hire with no fees
while we are in beta
Thanks to our free beta, you can hire unlimited candidates for free. We just ask you to contribute by inviting candidates too!
Improve your candidate experience
1. Invite remarkable talent you didn’t hire
Invite candidates you interviewed to Circular, from the platform or by sharing a unique invitation link with them. GDPR bulletproof.
2. They get introduced to curated job offers
If they sign up, they get access to exclusive interview offers from other recruiters in the community. All thanks to your invitation!
3. Measure how candidate experience improves
You can measure how your candidate experience improves with our free Candidate Net Promoter Score tool.
Free beta
No fees, no suscriptions. You just need to contribute with candidates to get the most out of our community.
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Jose Martín-Corral
HR Lead at CARTO
Circular not only helps us find excellent candidates for our open positions, but they are also the perfect way to help the candidates we love but we cannot hire.
Francisco Vázquez
People & Tech Zara
Circular enables us to help the community, facilitating access to the talent we seek and allowing us to reference the best talent to other companies.
Felicitas Schweiker
Director People Operations & Culture at TrustYou
Circular is a great way to reach highly skilled tech talent. Due to the referral system as well as the easy and straightforward matchmaking process, it’s an excellent platform to get in touch with the people you’d like to hire.
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Get Circular candidates directly into your ATS pipeline and concentrate all your activities in one place
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