Invitations and Recommendations on Circular

As you know, Circular is a recruitment community where great in-house recruiters share the talented prospects they can’t hire. By inviting candidates, you are helping them by giving them another chance to find a job, thus improving your Candidate Experience and your professional reputation. Find out below who to invite and recommend, and how to do so.

According to a survey that we conducted last February among the recruiters of our community, these are the most common reasons why recruiters invite candidates to Circular:

  1. Recruiters want to help candidates find a job
  2. Recruiters want to help the local community of recruiters
  3. Recruiters want to thank candidates for the time and effort they spend participating in the hiring process
  4. Recruiters want to make communicating a rejection less painful

Who to invite to Circular

At some point, you may have asked yourself what type of candidates you should invite to Circular. Invite those candidates with a strong career track record and bright future who are not right for the open position at your company or who simply lack some of the requirements (e.g. skills, languages, salary expectations, availability, etc.). Remember that just because this profile didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it won’t work for many other recruiters. In the same way, other recruiters could invite candidates that are a perfect fit for the role you are looking for to fill. Any candidate that passes the screening and first phone interview will likely be of interest to other recruiters. Remember that we work with tech, product, marketing and design.

How to invite someone to Circular

Communicating a rejection is as important as communicating a hiring decision. A good Candidate Experience will be conditioned by this communication. Therefore, once the decision has been taken, it is time to decide on the right way of communicating the rejection to the candidate. We always suggest that our recruiters invite candidates to Circular in the rejection stage or even a couple of days after this happens. The two most common ways of doing this are:

Rejection by email: 

When carrying out the rejection by email, make sure it contains all the info the candidate needs to read. Feedback is usually well appreciated. Some recruiters though, as we mention in our post “Candidate Experience Meetup III Madrid”, prefer to ask candidates ahead of time if they would like to receive transparent feedback if they get rejected. In either case, inviting them to Circular is a great opportunity to help them out. To do so, add the invitation link to the rejection email.

Tip! Recruiters using templates –with or without ATS– can add this text to their templates so they can be both productive and kind with candidates.

When the candidate receives this email, they’ll be able to register with Circular straight away and our talent advisor team will give them full support with finding other great opportunities. And it’s GDPR compliant – candidates decide if they want to join. Besides, we don’t collect their information if they don’t want.

Rejection by phone call:

Like with a rejection by email, if you decide to communicate the rejection by phone, it is best to share your feedback with the candidate and the reasons why the job opportunity wasn’t the right fit for them at this time. A nice way to finish this conversation is to offer to help them out with their job search. Inform them about Circular and explain to them very briefly that it is a hiring community for tech talent where they’ll be able to find great opportunities in great tech companies and startups. The probability that the candidate will register and become part of the community increases from 75% to 90% if the recruiter explains the concept of Circular to the candidate during the rejection call. The invitation process is very simple. You can send the invitation from our platform to those candidates you want to invite. Simply enter their email addresses and they’ll be able to access the community.

Who to recommend

We encourage recruiters to leave a recommendation on Circular for candidates, as well. It helps candidates get a higher number of interview requests (+20%) from other companies.

Many of the recruiters in the Circular community leave a recommendation for employees at their company, people from their network, silver medalists in their hiring processes, or candidates they have clicked with along the way.

It is a great opportunity to explain how you met that candidate and what are the things you would highlight about them: years of experience, university degree, attractive past projects, soft skills, hard skills. The recommendation options are infinite! 

How to recommend

When inviting a candidate to Circular, you’ll also find the option of leaving them a recommendation. The recommendation should highlight the positive soft and/or hard skills of the candidates. 

Here is an example of a nice recommendation:

I met Monika during a hiring process I was conducting for a Product Manager position and her career experience was very interesting. After a conversation with her, I could see how data-driven, organized, and team-oriented she is. She has international experience and speaks 3 languages fluently (English, Portuguese, and Spanish). We couldn’t hire her since we were looking for a profile with more experience leading teams.

👉 Try to structure it as:

What’s the candidate’s name?

➕ How do you know them?

➕ Why do they stand out? 

Find more about how to write a recommendation.

Why inviting and recommending candidates can be great for your business

Up to 94 percent of candidates get rejected along a hiring process. This is the vast majority of applicants. According to the Talent Board, over 82 percent of them will share their opinion of the process and company with those around them if the experience was positive and 64 percent will do the same if it was a bad experience. What we are seeing is that candidates that get invited to Circular not only get the chance to find another job, but very often say they would recommend the hiring process with the recruiter who invited them. This boosts the reputation of the recruiter.

Reasons to make referrals:

  1. Reject with style: It’s okay to reject candidates as long as you give them something in exchange for the time and effort they spent participating in your hiring process. By referring them to Circular, you’ll give good candidates the chance to find a new job!
  2. Enhance your recruiter reputation. Keep in mind that people will remember your name. Help candidates leave your hiring process with the right impression by helping them get a cool job. Candidate Experience becomes your personal brand.
  3. Being extremely kind will only take you 1 minute. Investing that minute to refer your candidates can improve their lives, so help them go for something better. 
  4. Clean your pipeline and do it right: avoid delaying the rejection communication once the decision has been made. Share the news with the candidate and avoid having tons of pending actions while helping them out at the same time.

Find out more about our #ReferralFriday initiative here!