Fernando Drumond | UX/UI Engineer at Preply

A calendar notification pops up on the desktop. The interview with Fernando Drumond is about to start. A quick microphone check, a quick look to make sure the video quality is good, and we’re ready for the call! Fernando recently joined Preply as a UX/UI Engineer. COVID-19 hasn’t stopped him from finding a great job, and today he wants to share his experience. 

Hiring Remotely- Here’s What the Experts Say

You have always had your hiring process partly or entirely in person, and now you have to get used to a hiring process where 100% of it is done completely remotely! Don’t panic, in this article we bring you some tips that will hopefully help you make the best of hiring remotely. We’ve had the pleasure of receiving input from 2 key participants in this blog post, who will share some tips and their vision regarding remote hiring processes!

Candidate Journey Mapping 101

The pressure on those who carry out recruiting functions has never been higher, and this creates challenges, especially for start-ups. The global talent crunch is forcing recruiters to work harder and harder.

This is not new and is discussed far and wide, as there is no single fix to this issue. Talented candidates don’t just grow on trees, so we need to focus on our end of the bargain. How do we, as recruiters, engage and select talent? Despite the vast array of technological solutions for discovering and assessing talent, we still are not ahead of the game.

Candidate Experience Meetup II Barcelona

Yesterday we celebrated our second meetup in Barcelona to talk about the Candidate Experience (the experience that a candidate has along the hiring process with a company). Lorena Rebenciuc, Talent Acquisition Specialist IT at FREE NOW, and Gianluca Rosania, Global Technical Recruitment Lead at Glovo, shared their CX practices with all of us and today we want to share their knowledge and tips with you. Keep reading!