The Candidate Who Was Rejected

Ninety-four percent of candidates get rejected along a hiring process. If you are careless and inconsiderate instead of showing care and respect for them, how many candidates are you turning into detractors? Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the way you reject potential employees.

Today we interview Carmen Pareja, a job seeker who had a positive candidate experience right after the most sensitive stage of the hiring process, the rejection.

Candidate Experience Meetup III Madrid

“We all know how we want recruiters to treat us as candidates. So, we shouldn’t assume that we are doing everything correctly” – Irene M Morgado.

Yesterday, January 30th, 2020, we had the pleasure to host more than 60 recruiters at Eventbrite in Madrid to talk about Candidate Experience. The panel members in the round table couldn’t be better: Irene M Morgado, HR Talent Manager; Tania Pérez, Talent Acquisition Manager at Eventbrite; and Sara Pérez, Technical Recruitment Lead at Cabify. They enrich our knowledge about Candidate Experience and how to deal with one of the most difficult stages of the hiring process, the decision making stage.

How to Measure Candidate Experience

You might be aware of how important good candidate experience is to prevent your organization from experiencing revenue loss. Companies try to improve their candidate experience throughout the hiring process by making the application process more user friendly and smooth, improving communications between the recruiter or hiring manager and the applicants, etc. But how can we know that all these efforts are having an impact? Start measuring candidate experience.

Improving Candidate Experience during the Application Process

Candidate Experience starts even before the application stage. Often, it has to do with awareness (when candidates discover your employer brand), consideration and interest (when candidates research your company and it becomes their preferred employer), and even applicants’ previous relationships with the brand.

However, the application stage is key in candidate experience, and therefore for the business’ bottom line. 

Candidate Rejection and the Candidate Experience

Rejecting candidates can be a tough task. Many doubts come to mind: how should I tell a candidate that I’ve decided not to hire them? Will I have the time to tell them all that we are no longer going to consider them, and if I don’t, what will the long-term implications be? 

9 Often-Neglected Obvious Things in the Candidate Experience

  • This article was written by Belén Bueno. People, Talent & Culture at Paradigma. Thanks for sharing such interesting content with us.

“A diamond is forever” is a well-known marketing and advertising slogan. Although seven decades have passed since the original advertisement (De Beers, 1948), it is still being used. It is fascinating to see how an advertising campaign managed to create a new social rite and made us associate diamond rings with commitment. For those who enjoy reading about such curiosities, I recommend an article in GQ Magazine that talks about the 10 most well-remembered slogans.

For me, 2018 was rich in learning and new experiences. It is a year that I will always remember with affection and a certain nostalgia. I had the chance to experience, first-hand, the 3C’s of a hiring process: Customer, Candidate, and Consultant. This helped me reconnect with the candidate experience.

What is Candidate Experience? Definition and staging

Have you ever been in a situation where people are talking about “candidate experience” and you find yourself a little lost? If you want to start diving into this concept and get an idea of how important it can be for your business, read on!

Candidate experience is becoming a very trendy term to define the candidate’s perception about a company’s sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. Simply put, candidate experience is how candidates feel about your company once they have experienced your hiring process.

Our focus on creating a Community at Circular

Collaboration is at the very core of what we do at Circular. Recommending candidates amongst recruiters is what got us started and we have been focusing more on fostering that community feeling. We launched recruiter profiles and our own reputation system as a first hint of what Circular is becoming.

Today we are going a step further and doubling down on creating the best recruiter community.

Measure your candidate experience with Circular’s free CNPS tool

At Circular our core mission is helping recruiters and hiring managers improve candidate experience in their recruiting processes. You can invite and recommend remarkable talent you’ve met and, if they decide to join, we’ll start sending them interview request by top startup and tech companies.

We believe that improving your candidate experience is tightly tied to your employer branding and your ability to keep attracting top talent in a very competitive market. Additionally, candidate experience is the one metric that next-gen recruiters are using as their main KPI with their companies management.

However, measuring candidate experience is complex and brings its own challenges. At Circular, we want to fix that!

Why we launched a recruiter and hiring manager profile

Build your profile here if you are already using Circular –or signup instead!–

Building two-sided marketplaces is particularly difficult because you have to find a value proposition and build a product for both sides –recruiters/hiring managers and candidates in the case of Circular–.

On the talent side, since Teo and myself have been product and tech candidates ourselves, it was easier. We had experienced what was broken with recruiting and started Circular with huge changes in the candidate experience right from the moment we defined the proof of concept: curated companies and offers, replacing job applications with interview offers, no messy CV uploads, moving communications to existing messaging channels, and a clear focus on a more humane and personal customer support. That positioned Circular early-on as a high NPS platform in an industry were satisfaction is, well, not-that-good. And we are just getting started.