How much are startups paying in Madrid?

Traditionally, many companies have had opaque salaries and compensations in their job offers. It’s very frustrating for both companies and candidates in recruiting processes. “How much should I be paid?” or“How much should I pay for this position?”are some of the questions we get asked a lot.

At Circular we ask all offers to provide a salary range, so, with hundred of startups using Circular, we have enough data to shed some light on the market. This post started out as an internal analysis, but we figured it would be useful to have it publicly available for candidates and recruiters.

Working at Circular: Full Stack Engineer

Last week we officially launched Circular, where recruiting meets the circular economy. We are a private community where companies refer candidates they love but can’t hire. For people open to switch jobs, we provide access to curated opportunities in over 200 startups. Also no CV nor job applications, just lay back and wait for interview proposals. We just launched 4 months ago but startups like Spotahome, OnTruck, Cabify or Carto are already hiring through us.

We also want to make the hiring experience not suck. We figured we should start setting a good example out of our own recruiting process.

Since we’ve closed our first pre-seed funding round with 7r Ventures, we’re looking to add a Full Stack Engineer to the team that will help with coding and moving Circular forward with new features and a solid architecture.

Introducing Circular

Four months ago we launched The Hiring Circle from within Vernon, our consulting firm for startups, around the idea of scaling talent recommendation amongst a community of startups.

We have been following a very lean way of iterating on the product, the idea and the business, and we’ve been brutal about proving hypotheses and discarding features and paths that didn’t work, always with simplicity as the main moving force. We even re-used the Vernon brand, with its yellows and blacks.

Before the summer, in “The Hiring Circle, one month in”, we explained in detail the results of our first experiments and our first numbers. We also pledged to share our path to building the product and the business, so here we go.