Has it been a tough week? Well, good news, it’s #ReferralFriday! That means it’s a good day to clean up your pipeline and have your candidates start the weekend with a good taste in their mouths.

Help those candidates who, even though you liked them throughout the hiring process, won’t continue to be in the running for whatever reason; perhaps they are lacking an indispensable language or skill for your company, your company doesn’t meet their salary expectations, or you simply found a better fit for the role. It’s #ReferralFriday! Join our initiative.

It is sometimes challenging to find great candidates to fill your open positions. Things you might have to deal with include:

  • Organizing phone and in-person interviews. 
  • Sharing profiles with hiring managers. 
  • Reorganizing your week because, unfortunately, some interviews will inevitably get postponed or cancelled.
  • Handling the hiring manager who suddenly realizes they need a more senior profile.

… The number of tasks to do and fires to put out can seem endless.

How can Circular help in this regard to make your job more gratifying? 

Referral Friday

👉 We Don’t Like Crazy Mondays

Elate your Mondays. Fridays are great for cleaning out the candidate pipeline in order to avoid having tons of pending activities to do on Monday. 

👉 No Disappointments No Drama

Fridays are for giving great news. It’s okay to reject candidates on Friday as long as you give them something in exchange for the time and effort they spent participating in your hiring process. Refer them to Circular. Give good candidates the chance to find a new job on the weekend! 

👉 Make Your Name Shine

Enhance your recruiter reputation. Keep in mind that people will remember your name. Leave candidates with the right impression by helping them get a cool job. Candidate Experience becomes your personal brand. Invite candidates to Circular.

👉 Efficiency Level 100 

Referring can only take 1 minute of your time. Investing that minute to refer your candidates can improve their lives, so help them go for something better. 

👉 This One Is On Me

Referring can be inviting! Even though leaving a recommendation can be something super nice you do for top candidates, inviting will do the trick, too! Simply add the names of the candidates you want to add to the community, and they will be able to join straight away. 

👉 No Autographs Please 

Applause for the winner. Remember that we announce the top contributors in our monthly Circular Magazine. Make yourself popular in our Community too! 

👉 Give Love Get Love

Love your Fridays. We get feedback from our candidates quite often, and we see how life changing an invitation to Circular can be for them. Make your rejection valuable on Fridays by referring. If you care, they’ll appreciate it.

When does this happen?

Invite candidates to Circular now

Facts about Referrals

  1. Up to 94 percent of candidates get rejected during a hiring process, as we detailed in our blog post “Candidate Rejection and The Candidate Experience”. This is the vast majority of applicants. 
  2. According to The Talent Board, 82 percent of the applicants who had a good experience with the application process share it with those around them, while 64 percent do so when they’ve had a bad experience.
  3. Candidates that get invited to Circular say they would recommend the hiring process with that recruiter. When we asked Carmen, currently working at Beezy, in an interview if she would recommend the company that rejected her but invited her to Circular, and she said, “Definitely. I know that with @Felicitas, they won’t struggle along the hiring process and they’ll have the information they need, whenever they need it.” 
  4. It turns bad news into useful news. According to Sara from Cabify, “Referring candidates eliminates the negative impact of a rejection”, so she keeps on referring top profiles to Circular. Find out more here.
  5. Jobseekers would feel more positive about their next candidate experience if they received detailed job feedback (57 percent), had help finding another role (34 percent) and if the interviewer took an interest in their goals (28 percent), according to “6 Simple Steps to Revitalizing your Candidate Experience” by ERE Recruiting Intelligence.