Working at Circular: Full Stack Engineer

Last week we officially launched Circular, where recruiting meets the circular economy. We are a private community where companies refer candidates they love but can’t hire. For people open to switch jobs, we provide access to curated opportunities in over 200 startups. Also no CV nor job applications, just lay back and wait for interview proposals. We just launched 4 months ago but startups like Spotahome, OnTruck, Cabify or Carto are already hiring through us.

We also want to make the hiring experience not suck. We figured we should start setting a good example out of our own recruiting process.

Since we’ve closed our first pre-seed funding round with 7r Ventures, we’re looking to add a Full Stack Engineer to the team that will help with coding and moving Circular forward with new features and a solid architecture.

Who will you work with?

We’re currently three people working at Circular, with Juan joining next week as the fourth.

Circular: Jorge, Teo, Juan and Pedro

A quick intro to the team:

  • Jorge started working for Vernon, our previous project that gave birth to Circular, last June. He emailed us just after finishing college in Paris and offered to help with, essentially, whatever we needed. Of course we had to say yes! At Circular Jorge manages the day to day operations of the marketplace and works on analyzing metrics and KPIs.
  • Juan is joining in a few days and his background is great for the team: he’s managed HR and recruiting at different startups and understand how the traditional recruiting industry works. He’ll be in charge of the marketplace, defining our sales messages and pipeline and helping with product definition.
  • Pedro and Teo, we’re Co-Founders at Circular. As with any early stage startup we do everything else, from business strategy to product management to design, to coding… Really, everything else 🙂

Although for the Full Stack Engineer position you’ll be working more closely with Teo, it’s a small team and you’ll have to work on features that everybody will have input on.

By the way, we’re already concerned that we’re 100% young, white male. Diversity is a key value for us: we do think having a diverse team will help us avoid “groupthink” and makes an overall better company. Changing that trend will be a factor in our recruiting pipeline over the next months.

What will you be working on?

As a Full Stack Engineer you’ll be working full time on improving the Circular product. We have a roadmap full of things to try and launch to scale the marketplace and provide a better experience to companies and candidates in the community.

Our stack is based on Django (we’re on Python 3.6) and all our HTML is built using Bootstrap components. Although we do not use a huge amount of Javascript, we’ll probably be changing that in the future. Circular is hosted on AWS, deployed with Docker on Fargate and all of our data is on a Postgres database on RDS or on a Redis ElastiCache cluster. Everything is managed by AWS and there’s virtually no DevOps to perform at this point.

We have a very lean and pragmatic approach to product and software development. Trello is our main organizing app, with GitHub Pull Requests for code review and a lot of Google Docs for everything else. Our design system lives on Figma.

Who’s this opportunity for?

  • Someone with 2 to 5 years of relevant work experience. That means you’ve probably been in a startup or small corporate team before, working on “full stack” web projects. We’re open to people from different backgrounds but it’s important to us that you can demonstrate performance in a small, fast paced team.
  • Ideally someone with Python experience on Django projects. Although this is not required, you need to be able and willing to learn Django and get up to speed with our technology of choice.
  • Someone who is happy and comfortable in a very independent environment. You should have strong communication skills and high ethical and work standards that will help you make the many micro-decisions you’ll need to make to move fast.
  • Someone who wants full exposure to the world of creating a startup and a product from scratch. We’ll include you in many discussions outside the comfort zone of the technical world. From product strategy to communication to design and branding. This is a high impact role!

What will you get?

  • Our salary range for this position is a gross salary of 30.000 to 40.000 euros a year. We’re open to different backgrounds and experience levels!
  • You’ll get a stock options package, as will any employee joining the company. We want the whole team to feel Circular is their own project.
  • Whatever hardware and software you need for the job. We currently work with Apple Macbook Pros (13”).
  • An office in the amazing Google For Startups Campus in downtown Madrid.

What are our work values?

We’re still working on defining these (and you’ll have a lot of input on them!), but we believe in having a defined culture we can all refer to.

Circular’s values at work will be based on the same principles of the Circular product:

  • Friendly — We’re professional, but not stuffy. We want to make hiring an enjoyable process, bring talented people together and offer a personal, human approach to recruitment.
  • Diverse — We love and embrace the singularities in people. Circular is not a place full of “profiles”. It’s a community of talented individuals, and we celebrate that.
  • Collaborative — Circular is founded on collaboration; a win-win solution for companies and candidates alike. We believe people are inherently good and want to help each other succeed.
  • Efficient — We think there are better ways to find talent than algorithms. The best technology, simple solutions and efficient human processes are what make Circular great.
  • Discreet — We place high importance on privacy, security and sensitive information. We want everyone who uses Circular to feel 100% safe at all times during the hiring process.
  • Clear — Transparency about how we do things is key. Circular members will always know exactly how our methodology and hiring process works. We’re direct; we cut out the bull.

We stand by those principles. Translated to your day to day, they mean:

  • Transparency: we have clear view on our weekly objectives, which we set together according to our team vision. We work on stuff that’s necessary and stuff that’s important. And we have a zero tolerance to arbitrarity and help each other remove blockers from the road.
  • Zero bullshit Keep-Powerpoints-to-a-minimum policy: we avoid technology gibberish, we simply solve problems and create value for the Circular community.
  • 360 efficiency: we strongly believe not all hours of work are worth the same and we are no fans of crunch time. That’s why we have a culture obsessed with efficiency. We don’t waste time on non-core tasks, we plan in advance and we create an environment that helps you focus. We prioritize and re-prioritize to-do lists. We keep meetings to a minimum.

How to apply

If you want to know more, please send me an email at Add some info about yourself and your background, ideally with projects you’ve worked in and why would you like to join Circular. We’ll get back to you!

Thanks! We’ll hopefully meet soon!